Room Designs for Kids

Children's bedrooms are often used for a wide range of activities, including sleeping, playing, and learning. The following elements are often present in a child's room:

• A comfortable bed
• Sufficient space to play (for younger children), or a desk and chair (for older children)
• A bookcase
• Convenient and accessible storage space for toys and clothes
• Playful and/or colourful décor
• Furniture that is suitable for children (e.g. smaller chairs, lower shelves, etc.)

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Room designs for boys:

Boys' rooms are often decorated in neutral colours, or in blue. Alternatively, they are decorated according to action hero themes or other themes that are popular amongst boys. However, this does not need to mean that other options cannot be considered.

Teenage boys, in particular, may have their own preferences when it comes to the decorating of their rooms. If the boy whose room is being decorated is old enough to express a preference, it may be a good idea to ask for his input before making any changes.

Room designs for girls:

Girls' rooms are often decorated in neutral tones, or in pink. It may be tempting to create elaborate décor for a young girl's bedroom, but this may not always be practical. Girls also need enough space to play, and small and/or fragile items should be kept in places where they are not readily accessible to children.

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