Part Time Study

One of the key characteristics of part-time study and arguably the biggest reason why people choose this method of self-enrichment is that you can study at your own pace. It does not carry the same level of commitment as full-time studies (in terms of tuition expenses and time), yet it gives you the flexibility of living a relatively normal life, with the added bonus that you can decide how fast you wish to progress through your study material. This is an excellent benefit that full-time studies cannot offer, as you are typically divided into year groups that need to move at an average speed.

Part-time study can with minor adjustments fit into your existing life effortlessly, through a bit of time management. Time management is not just about writing to-do lists, but also about identifying all the tasks and activities that you are responsible for and then prioritising them into a time sequence of what is important right now, and what can wait a little longer before you need to act on it.

As humans we are genetically coded to want to better ourselves. Through self-actualisation and our inherent desire to be better than the person next door, we turn to part-time study to enhance our skill set and increase our knowledge base.

Through practising your skills and becoming great at spotting excellent innovations in the field of d├ęcor, you can become instrumental in trend setting and if you want this could easily turn into a freelance business and who knows, before you know you might be exhibiting at a design & lifestyle expo near you!

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