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Modern decorating is all about neutral colours and clean lines. Couches have sleek lines, and come in colours such as grey, beige or cream. Carpets are selected to match this colour scheme. Accent colours are brought in through cushions, drapes, curtains and other décor items.

Modern Decorating, Decorating and Design, Decor School

Keeping it simple:

The modern decorating style focuses on open spaces and simplicity. Even if you do not have an open-plan space to work with, you can still experiment with this style. You can simulate the feeling by de-cluttering your surface areas and removing unnecessary accessories.

In your journey towards simplicity, you may come across many modern decorating ideas, such as turning existing furniture into more functional furniture. An example of this would be where you turn your television cupboard into a general storage space for items such as TV blankets and DVDs.

New ideas:

Decorating magazines are a good source of current and future trends in decorating and design. As a decorator, it would be worth your while to have at least one monthly subscription to such a magazine. These magazines act as points of reference, and provide lists of stockists for the ultimate must-haves for the season.

Modern Decorating, Decorating and Design, Decor School

Decorating blogs also contain a wealth of information relating to modern decorating and design. Blogs provide a fast and convenient platform for sharing ideas and exchanging inspiration with like-minded individuals. If you have the necessary time and motivation, you may even decide to start up your own decorating blog.

Through regular exposure to decorating magazines and blogs, you will be able to acquire modern decorating tips in a very short time.

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