Decorating and Design Styles

Decorating and design styles are always beautifully illustrated and promoted in modern decorating magazines. However, choosing a decorating style for your own home remains a matter of personal preference.

There are many different styles to choose from, and it does not necessarily need to cost a fortune to decorate your home in a particular style. You can choose to re-decorate all of the rooms in your house in one go, or you can re-decorate one room at a time.

When decorating individual rooms, it is important to keep the overall style of the house (or flat) in mind, else you may end up with a house that looks messy.

Decorating the living room:

We spend most of our time in the heart of the home – the living room. Decorating styles for living rooms need to be comfortable, warm and inviting. Living rooms should not be too elaborately decorated, as this becomes impractical.

Displaying family photos on a photo wall can instantly add to the cosy and friendly atmosphere in any living room.

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Decorating the bathroom:

The bathroom is often one of the most personal spaces in the home. Decorating styles for bathrooms are largely dependent on individual preferences and the purposes for which the rooms will be used. An en-suite bathroom, for example, will often be designed and decorated in a different style to that of the guest bathroom or children's bathroom.

Decorating the kitchen:

While some people regard the kitchen purely as a food preparation area, other people view the kitchen as a place for dining and spending quality time together as a family. Decorating styles for kitchens are therefore varied. Some styles emphasize practicality and accessibility, while other styles aim to be aesthetically pleasing.

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Decorating an apartment or flat:

Decorating an apartment or flat is often a longer-term project that involves careful planning. Because there is often less space to work with in an apartment than in a house, extra attention needs to be paid to aspects such as functionality and practicality.

Decorating an apartment can be exciting, as it is often possible to decorate an entire apartment in one go, instead of taking it one room at a time.

Decorating and Design Styles (Home)

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