Decor Ideas

The world around us is filled with décor ideas – you just need to look.

If you live in or close to a metropolitan area, be on the lookout in your local press for design and lifestyle expos. They are really fun events. It is strongly advisable to invite along family and friends and make an outing of the event. There is just so much to see and experience that extra pairs of eyes and ears are just a plus.

If you feel more comfortable in shopping centres – especially the upmarket ones – pay attention to shop windows. Shops change their widow displays regularly and as a result repeat visits are encouraged. When you evaluate the display, look past the individual items and try to sense the theme and style used. Pay attention to the mix of colours, patterns and textured used. Visual merchandising is the act of promoting goods for sale, by means of display and presentation, especially in retail outlets. This type of window displays loosely follows trends and will give you an idea of what is hot and happening at the moment. Although it is important to know and be aware of fashion, try not to decorate according to current trends and design as it will date your room sooner than what you think. Lifestyle shops, especially those selling furniture, linen, bath room accessories and kitchen appliances will also be a good place to visit for décor ideas.

Do not despair if flagship shopping destinations are not easily accessible to you, as your local news agent will stock décor magazines. If this is not the case, consider taking out a subscription to some of these magazines. These magazines are forward thinking in their approach and presentation and will be able to give you a glimpse of what will be fashionable and trending in the near future. You will also be able to get a lot of décor ideas from studying the advertisements of suppliers and stockists, in terms of the colours they used, which items they have paired together and how it all relates to the area or room that is been decorated. Visiting their websites will further stimulate your visual senses and creative process.

Even a quick visit to your hardware store can assist you in décor ideas. Most hardware stores will have free paint catalogues in their paint department. If you find that the hardware store has run out of these paint catalogues, don’t be shy to order a catalogue directly from the paint manufacturers. Or, you could go onto the internet and visit the websites of the paint manufacturers – you will often be able to find online catalogues. Paint catalogues highlight the popular colours for the season and they also give information about how you can use complimentary colours in different rooms in your home.

Craft projects are a more introspective source of ideas, as you would typically be busy with one project and conjure an idea for a future (décor) project. Lifestyle television channels and the internet are in abundance of do-it-yourself projects and guidance on how to execute them with little effort.

Décor (and decorating) is also about evolving and being practical. Do not try to replicate what you saw and liked – for example – in a hotel, as it will look out of place in your home. Similarly, do not try to copy what your friends and family have done in their homes. In situations like these, rather focus on what décor ideas do not work well together and ensure that you do not make the same mistakes.

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